JCuda ray tracing library

Hey so I am completely new to Cuda and JCuda. Is there a specific JCuda library that supports ray tracing capabilities? IVe been looking through the api of various libraries and cannot find anything specific. Thanks!


There are no specific libraries that support ray tracing with JCuda.

However, there are many libraries, demos, and approaches for ray tracing with CUDA, and theoretically, it should be possible to „port“ some of these from CUDA/C to JCuda/Java. This may not always be easy, depending on how sophisticated the respective libraries are (e.g. sometimes it could be difficult to map certain data structures from C to Java). But with a rough understanding of the differences between C and Java, it should be possible to estimate how much effort it would be to port a particular library to Java.

Yeah I figured that was the case. I think it might take me too long to try and implement that as this is for a project for a contract. I may just look into other options for ray tracing.


Still, a few pointers: