JCUDA windows command line launch

Hello Marco,

Can you please guide me, how to lauch JCUDA application using windows command line. Because I am working on MPJ (A Java binding for MPI) with JCuda.
So to run MPJ application I need to set up its paths and other stuff like that. Then I compile and run it on command line.
But If I have integrated JCUDA with MPJ then then how to run JCUDA from command Line.

Just tell me the command line compile and run command.

Thanks in advance

Assuming that the DLLs are located either in the directory from where you start your program, or in a directory which is contained in the PATH environment variable, the command lines are

javac -classpath ".;jcuda-0.2.3.jar" TheProgram.java

for compiling TheProgram, and

java -classpath ".;jcuda-0.2.3.jar" TheProgram

for running TheProgram. Further details are depending on your project setup (e.g. further JARs for MPJ that have to be added to the classpath, or specifiying the package where TheProgram is located…)

I’ve not yet been concerned with MPI/MPJ, but mixing this with JCuda sounds interesting :slight_smile: (and probably challenging ;))

Hello Marco,

I have done it at my own…


Thank you for your help Marco.

What I did is that I have set up the JCUDA dir path into System path variable then. Set the classpath.

then compiled simply as
javac myPro.java
And ran as
java myPro