"locked" docking frame

I’m just finding this docking library, I’ve tried a couple of others and they lacked support/capabilities I needed. I want to do something like this:

And I need to know how difficult, or possible, this would be before I dive head first into the code. Any relevant beginner tips are welcome.

If you are going to use a DefaultSingleCDockable for that middle panel, then you can use the methods “setStackable(false)” to prevent tabs, “setTitleShown(false)” to remove the title, “setMaximizeable(false)”, “setMinimizeable(false)”, and “setExternalizable(false)” to remove drag and drop abilities (If all of this should prove not to be enough: DockingFrames as a lot possibilities to customize its behavior, I’m certain a solution can be found).

If LWJGL will work with DockingFrames… in theory yes, you will just have to try.