Maven Repository

Andrei Pozolotin set up a Maven repository for DockingFrames (entire thread here):

[QUOTE=Andrei_Pozolotin;13161]Beni, hello;

  1. maven project modules for docking-frames are here in staging repo:

  1. hudson is setup to detect changes from java-forge every minute
    and to re-build and to publish snapshots for each change in the trunk;

  2. snapshots location:

  1. please let me know if you feel 1.0.8 is ready to be promoted from a „SNAPSHOT“ to a „RELEASE“?

if yes, then I will run „release:prepare“ && „release:perform“ at which point
the release code will be published to the world here:

  1. after the release, all projects will get a next version of 1.0.9-SNAPSHOT
    and they will continue to auto-build on demand;

  2. maven dependency declarations for projects that use docking-framse will look like this:

for a dynamic snapshot:

org.dockingframes docking-frames-base 1.0.8-SNAPSHOT

for a frozen release:

org.dockingframes docking-frames-base 1.0.8 </dependenc
  1. after a snapshot
    is promoted to a release
    the snapshot will stop auto-build;
    instead, auto-build will continue in the next snapshot:
    nevertheless, old snapshot:
    will continue to be available;

so, do I have a green light from you? :slight_smile:

thank you;


Due to time constraints on my part, I stop supporting maven. Sorry, you’ll have to live again with the JAR files.


Is the maven on sonatype still used? There is 1.1.2 snapshot on it, but it seems outdated.

Will the newest version of DockingFrames be released on the oss sonatype repository?


I have no plans updating the oss sonatype repository - don’t even have the required passwords any more.

The pom files however have been updated recently (last week, by Rocus Halbasch), you could setup your own nexus and import from Github.


Actually i can’t setup my own nexus, it’s on a pretty big project and the nexus and repository are managed by a different team. I can give them repostories URL. Is there a way to get latest jar from github by nexus?

Many ways :slight_smile:

mvn deploy…

Is one one of them, the alternative is to upload the artifacts via the Nexus GUI.

In any case, it will be up to „you“ (team, department, company,… ) to make the new version available in the future on your Repository Manager.

In order to always have the newest version, you can monitor the “version” file (located in docking-frames-core). It is updated every time I release a new version. I create the JAR files with some old ANT scripts that are also checked in (you could also make your own scripts - docking-frames has no dependencies other then the JDK).

Thanks for the answers.

I built the last version and gave the files to the team that manages our nexus. There is no plan to make the update automatically so i’ll sometimes check for newest version.