Maximize an externalized dockable

When you externalize a dockable you have the option to maximize the dockable (button in top right corner).
I would expect that the dialog of the dockable would be maximized and not that the dockable is put back in the working area and than maximized.

What are your thought ?

I think that an action should always have the same effect. And one time fullscreen, one time full-window (or whatever, you know what I mean) would be disturbing.

I also wonder if a fullscreen-Dockable would not look odd?

Maybe a second action would be better.

But I’m not yet convinced that this is a missing feature.

I would expect the same behavior as Peter when maximizing an externalized dockable. For example, if you have two screens and drag the externalized dockable to the second screen its confusing that you cannot maximize the externalized dockable on the second screen. When maximizing, it will be put back into the working area on the first screen and than maximized there.

One time fullscreen, one time full-window is not disturbing, it’s that what the user expect: the dockable maximizing as much as possible. If it is docked it maximizes in the working area. If it es undocked it maximizes on the screen.


Just an ack that I read your message…

(Since two people are now asking, maybe I implement this as optional setting, but it will surely never be the default setting.)

Besides, is there any framework with this behavior? If so, how does it “feel”?

Happy new year!

I was in a hurry the last time. I just wanted to say that your framework is really great. I am new to it and still need to find out how things work but its easy to get things working step by step. What I appreciate the most is your fast feedback to any user questions. Thanks a lot!

I just tested how Eclipse maximizes an externalized view.
And it does how I expected it: the externalized view maximizes on the screen and was not docked and then maximized.

I think this is the behavior a user expects. An externalized dockable should behave like an independent window and thus maximize on the screen.

Alright, I put it onto the neverending todo-list. But first I update the guide for Common (that is the very last thing I do for 1.0.7), and this maximize-“feature” goes into version 1.0.8.