Minimizing a dockable / stack of dockables

I have questions related to minimizing dockables:

  1. Is there a way to set the minimization area of dockables by default to the closest area to their location? So that dockables on the right are minimized to the right, dockables at the top are minimized to the top etc? I don’t want to minimize them, I just want them to go to the “natural” minimization area when the user clicks the minimize button.
  2. Is there a way for the user (and the application) to minimize an entire stack of dockables? E.g. I have a stack of 5 dockables at the bottom of the screen, and to gain more screen space for the other windows I want to minimize that entire stack. I want the user to have a button (or another simple way) to minimize the stack as well. And I also want to keep the option of minimizing the visible dockable in the stack alone.
  1. I would replace the minimize-action on the CDockable. If triggered I would check where the nearest minimize area is, and call “CDockable#setLocation” (An alternative would be to call “CStateMangaer.setLocation”. Afterwards a call to “setExtendedMode” would put the Dockable at the location you just specified).

  2. Not for the user. Programatically you could move one dockable at a time to the minimize area, minimize areas do support stacks. Using the CLocations you could create a new stack on the minimize-area.