No resource found with name '/lib/libJOCL-apple-x86_64.dynlib

Hi, I think I have found a bug in 0.1.5 version.
When running on friends mac OS a following error would come out:
java.lang.NullPointerException: No resource found with name ‘/lib/libJOCL-apple-x86_64.dynlib’
The mac library inside 0.1.5 jar is named libJOCL-apple-x86_64.jnilib
Extracting jar and renaming that to .dynlib solved the issue.

I have no experience with macOS at all but it seems like library is named incorrectly.


Thank you for pointing this out! There recently has been some confusion concerning DYlib and JNIlib (actually for JCuda, but the same applies for JOCL) : I’m not familiar with MacOS, and don’t know what exactly is the difference between both - a websearch did not bring any definitive statement about that. At the moment, it seems that it is only the name, but I’m not sure…
Actually, the extension should be JNIlib (since it is a JNI lib :wink: ), but there is an error in the class that loads the library from the JAR. I’ll fix this as soon as possible.


The new version has been uploaded (also in Maven)