Problems with the Font color of the title

I recently modified the colors of the title text. If a dockable is selected and has the focus, the title color should be white and in all other cases it should be black.
So i set the colors like this

setColor("", Color.BLACK);
setColor("", Color.BLACK);
setColor("", Color.WHITE);
setColor("", Color.BLACK);
But as i tested my application i discovered a little 'misbehaviour'.
If i unfocus the applcation window, and then klick on a tab in that application, the dockable gets selected and has the focus, but the text color is still black.
If i select another tab, it's text color changes to white. 
So maybe there's a bug, or did i make some mistakes?

Greetings, -chris-

Sounds like a bug. I’ll see what I can find out.

A repaired version is in the repository.

Thanks for fixing it.
It’s working.

Greetings, -chris-