Provide layout parameter for new MultipleCDockable from factory

I’m wondering how I can provide a layout parameter for a brand new dockable created with a MultipleCDockableFactory. I need something other than using the generic layout created by MultipleCDockableFacotry#create(), because when my user opens a document, I need to provide the document path to a brand new MultipleCDockable. Is there a simple way I can inject a Layout parameter before a new MultipleCDockable is created?

Why use the factory when you can create your Dockable directly? I mean, your code is opening the document - then your code should also know what kind of Dockable it wants to open (and may call something like “new MyDocumentDockable(…)”)

Perhaps this is a misunderstanding: the MultipleCDockableFactory is intended for the framework to store and load the layout persistently - not for the client to create new Dockables.

Ah thanks. I guess i was misunderstanding the role of the factory. I’ll try this.