Public TODO list

These are all the open issues I intend to work on “soon”, but did not yet find the time to actually start.

[li]Focus issue: closing the last child of a CWorkingArea does not fire a focus-lost event.[/li][li] Memory leak[/li][/ul]

Unable to fix
[li]Layout issue: layout of CWorkingArea is lost if Dockables are added to the CWorkingArea before it was added to some parent Component.[/li][/ul]

[li][1.1.2p17] Cancel DnD: hitting ESCAPE should cancel the current drag and drop operation[/li][li]Build new webpage: because JavaForge closes on 31 March 2016 (Already payed for, rescued all data from JavaForge, but did not yet setup a new server)[/li][li][1.1.2p17]Exception when stations have size 0[/li][li][1.1.2p17]Hook to override the behavior of DockStation.getLayers, will allow clients to better fine tune the behavior of drag&drop operations. -> DockStationDropLayerFactory[/li][/ul]