Removing topic


can I remove topic which I created if it’s no longer relevant?

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as you can see from older topics, this is not usual here,

although by chance, there is just a discussion about it (in german),
but rather hypothetical, no, not the way of this forum

as i think almost any,
as you ask, are there common ones where topics are removed?

Isn’t Stackoverflow good enough example?

We don’t remove topics. A forum is also a kind of documentation for others which may one day have the same problem as you had. So they come here and can find a topic (hopefully) providing a solution for them — or at least a hint.

(btw: that’s also the reason why it is really annoying when people are answering with “I’ve a solution” but don’t post it.)

Stackoverflow with ‚16,283,910 questions‘ back to Jul 31 '08? :wink:
there isn’t a feature to distinguish current and old topics here, though

There is a possibility to remove topic if the author wants it though…

Topics could probably be removed under certain circumstances, by moderators or administrators, but this should hardly ever be necessary.

You mentioned the topic “no longer being relevant” as one reason. That’s rather unspecific. But for example: If you asked a question, and later noticed that the question does not make sense at all (maybe because it was just caused by a typo or something completely unrelated), and it turns out that this topic then is really just noise, of no use for others, and distracting, some mod might actually delete it on his own, or you could ask a moderator/administrator to delete it. But you could also just self-answer it with “Nevermind, that was just a typo”. Assuming that this does not happen multiple times a day, this should be no problem.

Otherwise, what could be a reason for you to ask for the removal of a topic? In doubt, we could try to cope with this in a way that you’re happy with it, but still salvage any information that might be relevant for others.

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