Restoring deleted CUDA file from PTX

By mistake, I have deleted the cu file from a Jcuda project. There is still the ptx file. How to revert the cu file from the ptx file? under the selected file in netbeans, I choose history then revert deleted files and I can not get it, please help me.

This is not directly possible.

There can be a flood or a house fire, destroying your whole computer and all your backups. But not having at least one additional copy of an „important file“, which could be created in approximately 0.3 seconds (!) by hitting CTRL+C, CTRL+V, is nearly unbelievable. I’m not talking about Version Control, the so-called „cloud storage“, or external hard drive or USB stick that stored in a secure place. I’m talking about a simple, plain copy of a file.

However, depending on the environment that you are working with, there may be hope. Iff you are using Eclipse, then the file might still be restorable via the local history. (Other IDEs may have a similar feature, but I’d also have to look it up…)

In any case: Converting a PTX file back to some CUDA file is not possible. (At least, not in a sensible form, but maybe not at all).

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