RTL (Right To Left) Support

Hi Beni,

I would like to add Hebrew and Arabic language support which means the components need to be in Right To Left alignment (rather than Left to Right).

In my JFrame I do:

if (ComponentOrientation.getOrientation(Locale.getDefault()).isLeftToRight())


The Java/Swing components respect this but none of the DockingFrame components respect this setting.

I cannot find which class has the setComponentOrientation method. Also, the DockingFrame toolbar does not respect the setting either.

CToolbarAreaLocation tbPos = ctcArea.getNorthToolbar().getStationLocation();

With the above code, the toolbar is set to the upper-left but I want it to be upper-right.

Any help with this would be appreciated.


I never built support for right-to-left orientation into DockingFrames.

It’s a feature that I will not implement, because of the amount of time required to do so (I would estimate at least 5 full working days). Also I have very little experience in this area. Basically the entire layout would need to be mirrored? Every placement of tabs, titles, buttons, popup-menus, etc?

If you would like to create your own branch, and add support for some components, then please do so. I would be happy to assist e.g. by telling you which classes might need to be updated, or by explaining how some of the layouts are created.

Hi Beni,

What about at least handling the toolbar?

If I could figure out how to have the toolbar fill completely across the window and make the icon buttons align right then I could add the icon buttons in reverse order.

Any thoughts.


Sorry Roger, I have to decline doing that myself.

But here are a few classes that would need to be updated for right-sided toolbars. It’s certainly not the complete list, but it would be a good start.

  • ToolbarContainerLayoutManager: update to move the entire set of toolbars to the right side (toolbar-container is the root Component for a set of toolbars)
  • ToolbarGridLayoutManager: update to right align toolbars that are part of the same column
  • DisplayerContentPane: to move all titles to the right side
  • ToolbarGroupTitle: moved from left to right, painting code must be updated
  • SpanToolbarLayoutManager?: probably needs an update too