Hi Byte,

I’m sorry to bother you again, There is an interface implementation I would like to ask you when clicking the docking button (Disconnects this panel from the frame) in the stackDockable layout, can I just separate the currently selected tab? Can I change the response event of the docking Button? thanks in advance.

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Hi scott,

The general idea to separate a Dockable from a stack is just to drag&drop the Dockable away.

But… Dockables stick together due to the CGroupBehavior. The behavior can be modified by invoking CControl.setGroupBehavior. I suggest you try out CGroupBehavior.TOPMOST.

If CGroupBehavior.TOPMOST is too heavy, you might want to build your own CGroupBehavior. Depending on the target ExtendedMode you could then forward the calls to CGroupBehavior.TOPMOST or CGroupBehavior.STACKED (=the default behavior).

Let me know if these modifications help your.


Thanks for your answer, it does work.

best regards,