Setting FlapWindow Dimensions in Core

I am trying to set the default height of a flap window using core… but am having no luck so far.
My code looks basically like this:

MyDockable frame;  // MyDockable extends Dockable

frame.getComponent().setMaximumSize(new Dimension( 1200, 12 )); 
// also calling setPreferredSize(1200, 12) and setMinimumSize(40, 12)

However the actual rendered height of the frame comes out to be much higher. 
Any suggestions on how to properly set the default height?

The mechanism in core is not very advanced, call “FlapDockStation.setWindowSize” for your Dockable. In the default implementation all Dockables share the same size. If you want different sizes (like Common offers) you have to implement a custom “FlapLayoutManager”. This interface is responsible for storing and loading the size and some other properties. A custom FlapLayoutManager would be installed by calling

FlapLayoutManager manager = ...

controller.getProperties().set( FlapDockStation.LAYOUT_MANAGER, manager );```

Thank you!
I am taking a closer look at Common now. :slight_smile:

In Common there is a method “AbstractCDockable.setMinimizedSize”, this is should be almost exactly what you search.