Showing a Dockable

Hi Beni,

When I need to show a Dockable in my application I use the following code:;
}``` because if the specified Dockable resides in the StackDockStation I want it to appear in front.
Maybe it is good idea to modify DockFrontend's show(Dockable dockable) method so it will include this logic?

Best Regards,
Maxim Golubitsky

Few people are still using DockFrontend, most people use CControl…

I can add some methods like “toFront” and perhaps “focus” to DockFrontend, but I won’t change the behavior of “show” directly. I can think of some clients (including the Common framework) which would not be happy with that behavior.

If I get used to the Core, then probably there is no reason to switch to Common.
The name is up to you. I can suggest showInFront. BTW, if you say that not many people use Core, you can modify show method and then make Common to call another method instead, but it is just thoughts, please do whatever you think is most appropriate.