Some "fixes" to the eclipse theme

Hi all!

We had some small styling problems with the ArchGradientPainter of the Eclipse theme so I hacked on it.
You can find the result in the attached
What is modified?
[li]There was a one pixel “gap” at the end of the curve of the selected tab.
[/li][li]The separator line between the non-selected tabs is now curved on the top. The direction of the curve depends on the position of the tab relative to the selected tab (like in Eclipse 3.5)

You can try it with calling putProperty( EclipseTheme.TAB_PAINTER, Arch2GradientPainter.FACTORY ) on a CControl instance. (But before that you may want to change the package declaration in the attached java file…)


Hm, I may just replace the original with your modification, if that’s ok for you.

Of course that’s ok for me. Hopefully I’ve not implemented some bugs in it… :wink: