SplitDockStation resize bug in Eclipse theme

Hi Beni,

I noticed that when you use setContinousDisplay(true) with the Eclipse theme,
the horizontal resizing stops when you reach the width of the tab.

I could reproduce it in HelloWorldExample from Tutorial.
I added two lines:
31 controller.setTheme(new EclipseTheme());
53 station.setContinousDisplay(true);

Put Green on the left, resize horizontally.
The resizing stops at approximately the width of the tab (red or green).
If you put another dockable on Green and create a stack,
you can resize it all the way to the minimum size.

kind regards,
Maciej Modelski

Will be fixed in the next release. You wont be able to make the StackDockStation too small then. I just missed one implementation of “getPreferredSize”.

Thanks for the report.

Hi Beni,

I think that single(non stacked) dockables need to be fixed as well.
I don’t think that tab/title length is a good way of determining the minimum size.
It works fine in the basic theme - it stops at around 20 pixels, independently of the title.

kind regards,
Maciej Modelski

After testing the behavior a little bit with the repaired StackDockStation I have to agree. I think only using the minimum size of the Dockable itself would be a solution. So it would not be possible to shrink a layout such that a Dockable has negative width or height, but the title/tab could become quite small.

Hi Beni,

thanks for the fix, I tested p7a.
I found however two problems:

  1. In eclipse theme with closeable dockables, when the width of the dockable
    is smaller than the tab width, the close icon is painted over the title text.
    I think the title should be truncated.
  2. dockable.setTitleIcon( null ) has no effect. It still displays the default icon.
    This may have happened earlier, I didn’t check the last few previews.

For testing I used CommonHelloWorld from tutorial, with eclipse theme,
continuous display and closeable dockables.

kind regards,
Maciej Modelski

About 2: Call “CDockable.setTitleIconHandling” to tell the framework how a call to “setTitleIcon(null)” should be handled.

About 1: I think the old behavior is also fine, i.e. to simply cut off the tab if it doesn’t fit.

Hi Beni,

is the problem with the close icon painted over the title text on your todo list?
If not do you have some suggestions how I could fix it myself?

kind regards,
Maciej Modelski

Honestly: I did forget it… It is again on my todo list, will do it together with the focus issues you found.

I’ve uploaded a little update that should take care of the issue.

Hi Beni,

thanks for the fix!
However, I think the close icon should not be painted
if there is not enough space for it inside the tab.
Currently in the eclipse theme the close icon is painted even
if only the right end “Arch” part is visible.

kind regards,
Maciej Modelski

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Hm… The current behavior is very close to Eclipse itself, which does show the x until the last possible moment as well. But then I agree that the current solution is perhaps not the best one. I think I add some customization feature such that everyone can test and decide himself which solution he likes better.

Should be online before friday evening.

I agree, the close icon should be painted as long as it fits.
The problem is that currently it is painted even if it does not fit anymore - it goes outside of the tab.
It looks a bit ugly…

Alright, uploaded yet another fix. You can now decide for your own which behavior you preferre. To configure the tabs use code like in the example below. The usage of “TagConfiguration” should be self-explanatory, and the default settings are hopefully ok. If you are missing a setting, let me know.

CControl control = ...

control.putProperty( StackDockStation.TAB_CONFIGURATIONS, new TabConfigurations(){
	public TabConfiguration getConfiguration( Dockable dockable ){
		TabConfiguration config = new TabConfiguration();
		config.setActionHiding( ActionHiding.TEXT_DISAPPEARING );
		config.setIconHiding( IconHiding.NEVER );
		return config;
} );```

Thanks, that sounds good!
I wasn’t however able to test it - I think you forgot to include the classes
mentioned in the example…

Yes I did upload the wrong branch :o … sorry for wasting your time with stupid mistakes :mad:

The correct version is now uploaded, link

No problem, I had a sneak preview of some new features :wink:
Thanks again for the fix! I used the setting from the example.

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