Support on development


Just think to check what is Swogl and I’m wonder - is it active? Do you need any help with that?

Well. The last „News“ on the website is from 2012-07-12…

There seem to be no real users. I know that some used it just in order to display pure 2D GUI components in GL windows, but this is a pity when it is used only for 2D, considering what is possible with the library.

Recently, I thought about playing around with JavaFX, to see whether it’s possible to display JavaFX contents on a 3D surface. (Related: ). Also, an Android version with OpenGL ES could be interesting.

But admittedly, it’s hard to imagine any real, „serious use-cases“. Occasionally, I think something like „Hey, I could extend it this-and-that way, and try this-and-that in Swogl“, but … when nobody is really interested in the results, these things tend to be pushed down on my „TODO“ list by more „important“ (albeit, less interesting) tasks.

Let’s hope I’ll be unemployed soon, then I can do aaaall the stuff from my TODO list :smiley:

Good luck with that :slight_smile: