What is this about, how do I change the language to english?

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Originally this is a german forum, but you can change the language to english: scroll as much down as you can, and search a combobox in the lower left edge of the page. Currently something like “Deutsch” is selected, change the selection to “English”. Have a look at the attachment of this post.

I don’t see mentioned combobox.
I also don’t see attachment.
I was able to change language only after registering, in user settings.

a ten year old remark (2008), older than the creation of the current forum software Discourse (2013) :wink:

maybe @Beni will chance the text

Good question, I don’t see any way to change the language without an account.

Maybe one of @eagleeye @L-ectron-X can help?

hmmm I need to have a look tomorrow

maybe this works, I activated a experimental function to switch the language based on the browser settings

@eagleeye Seems to work. My machine is set to english, and accessing the site from a browser with clean history presented the forum in english. :+1: