When the main frame gets focus at the top of the screen

I use the docking frame framework from few month now. it’s pretty great, thanks a lot for that.

I am currently using a structure similar to docking-frames-demo-layouts in the jar for project development.
When I dragged out to form the ScreenLocation layout, when the main frame was activated to get focus, it was blocked by Screen-docking and could not be displayed at the top of the screen.

Tks to you.

The floating Dockables are placed in JDialogs and thus are always painted over the main frame.

You could replace the dialogs with JFrames:

DefaultScreenDockWindowFactory factory = new DefaultScreenDockWindowFactory();
ccontrol.putProperty( ScreenDockStation.WINDOW_FACTORY, factory )

thank you again!
This helps me a lot. DockingFrames is really flexible, but it is hard to find.