Maven: dockingFrames + guts

Beni, hi;

  1. this project plans to use dockingFrames:

  2. the reason I contact you is a request:
    can you please start publishing your artifacts as maven repo?



Currently I just don’t have the time to learn maven, to set it up, and to keep it running. I’m already happy If I get the next stable release out in this month.

Besides, since DF is not always 100% backwards compatible (sometimes I do correct my spelling errors in class-names :slight_smile: ), you really don’t want to update itself automatically.

got it; also - I can do it for you, when you are ready; thanks!

Beni, hello again;

we want publish our guts project to the central maven repo via sonatype nexus oss:

for this, all guts dependencies, (which now include docking frames)
also must come from maven central;

do you mind if I make a request with sonatype on your behalf
and setup my hudson server to publish your artifacts to sonatype?

if yes, please let me know group id, artifact id, company, etc, as described here:

for example:

groupId: org.dockingframes.*
artifactId: docking-frames-1.0.8



Ok, I will just not be the one who keeps the maven repository up to date (Altough I am able to call some build-scripts…)

= 4.0.0

= org.dockingframes.*

= dockingframes-1.0.8p5e


= jar

= DockingFrames

= Docking framework, allows to drag and drop panels, provides utilities to build and maintain copmlex layouts.


= LGPL 2.1



<developers = Benjamin Sigg, et al.

Beni, hi;

got it, thanks! I will post again when it is ready;



Beni, another question:

do you want also to migrate package name space to org.dockingframes.* instead of bibliotech.*, etc?

basically the way I do it now is this:

  1. I made parallel project here:

  2. it will pull your svn source and will apply bunch of transformations to make it maven-compliant
    so name space change will be just one little thing on top of other changes;

please let me know;


For historical reasons I’d like to keep the name (at least the one version on JavaForge keeps the name). If maven requires a better understandable name, then an automatic transformation is ok.

got it; thanks!

Beni, hello;

  1. maven project modules for docking-frames are here in staging repo:

  1. hudson is setup to detect changes from java-forge every minute
    and to re-build and to publish snapshots for each change in the trunk;

  2. snapshots location:

  1. please let me know if you feel 1.0.8 is ready to be promoted from a „SNAPSHOT“ to a „RELEASE“?

if yes, then I will run „release:prepare“ && „release:perform“ at which point
the release code will be published to the world here:

  1. after the release, all projects will get a next version of 1.0.9-SNAPSHOT
    and they will continue to auto-build on demand;

  2. maven dependency declarations for projects that use docking-framse will look like this:

for a dynamic snapshot:

org.dockingframes docking-frames-base 1.0.8-SNAPSHOT

for a frozen release:

org.dockingframes docking-frames-base 1.0.8 </dependenc
  1. after a snapshot
    is promoted to a release
    the snapshot will stop auto-build;
    instead, auto-build will continue in the next snapshot:
    nevertheless, old snapshot:
    will continue to be available;

so, do I have a green light from you? :slight_smile:

thank you;


what you call “core” in the guide is now called:


and what you call “framework” is named:


so, normal dependency on docking-frames will be single entry only:

org.dockingframes docking-frames-common 1.0.8

wich will pull docking-frames-base automatically

I also suggest you register domain;

Hm, there will never be a version 1.0.9, after 1.0.8 there will be a jump to 1.1.0. The rest looks ok, I’ll also add some link to my old webpage and the guides.


  1. got it - next development version after 1.0.8 release will be 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT;

  2. can I release and publish 1.0.8 now?


the reason I double check is that maven releases are one-way;
you can not “undo” them; the only way to move forward is to bump the version up;

I also suggest you take the guides out into a separate project

1.0.8 is not finished. That will need another few weeks.

The guides really belong to the projects, can your script just ignore the guide directories?

not finished - got it; how about October 1st as a release day? :slight_smile:

It’s done when it’s done, specifying any date would be a lie. I only have to finish some documentation, but somehow that is a really hard job that needs a lot of time.